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Living Miracles Metaphysical Center

The Living Miracles Metaphysical Center
This Spiritual retreat center is the hub of our operations and main communication base, and also provides office space for the Living Miracles' board. Those staying at the Living Miracles Center hold a very high purpose living A Course in Miracles without compromise. Miracles are natural here, because of the deep message that is constantly being extended.

The Living Miracles Music Studio is based at the Center, and has seen the joyful production of spiritually-inspired music CDs such as Strawberry Fields Forever 2012, Strawberry Fields Forever 2013, and Holiness, as well as supporting musicians to collaborate, sing, and shine together in the miracle of forgiveness and the purpose of Awakening. The Living Miracles Studio also broadcasts live-streaming audio and video talks and musical collaborations via a range of channels.

Sunday Gathering

Sundays we open the doors for people to come and join us for a Spirit-inspired message and a simple meal provided by the Living Miracles Center. You are welcome to come and experience the Presence, reverence, honor, and joy that is the Life we live.

Arrive at 10:50am
Service 11:00am-11:45am
Meal 12:30pm-1:30pm

Living Miracles Center is supported by donations. Love offerings are received with much gratitude. A suggested amount is $10-$20. Please offer however much you feel inspired to give.

Physical Address: 80 West 100 North, Kamas, UT 84036
Mailing Address: PO Box 789, Kamas, UT 84036
Phone: +1 435-709-2535
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enjoy this welcome video:

Living Miracles Monastery

Spiritual Retreat Center Utah
The other Living Miracles Center located in Utah, the Living Miracles Monastery, is a backdrop for mystical devotion and deep silence of the heart. Located 1.5 hours east of the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center in the canyon lands of Utah. Its purpose has been to support the deep inward journey of the undoing of the ego and coming to a consistent experience of peace and joy. Please read the letter below for further details.

Dear Friends,

This is a time of transition for our Living Miracles Monastery in Duchesne, Utah. We felt it would be helpful to share some thoughts to give a clear understanding of exactly how the Monastery will continue to be used for a deepening of our shared purpose. It has been a wonderful process to witness how all things are used for our awakening. The Monastery has been a powerful symbol for all of us as we approached and uncovered the thought system of fear and allowed our first uneasy steps to be taken towards serving one purpose. However, as with all helpful symbols, there comes a point when they have to be loosened from and released so that the deepening can continue. The Monastery, always a reflection of our deepest desire, will now be serving solely as a backdrop for accepting the Atonement.

The Monastery sits atop the Strawberry Fields Campground (SFC) and beside Angels Landing (AL). SFC and AL are places where people can come and stay by invitation to drop deeper into the experience of "I will step back and let Him lead the way" (W-155). This invitation is offered in support of our shared purpose and monastic way of life, which to us, is a reverent open-mindedness along with a sense of acceptance that "of myself I can do nothing" (John 8:28). To stay at these two properties is a gift from the Spirit as well as a beautiful opportunity that will benefit the mind in the miracle of forgiveness, and support the practice of deep inner listening to the Holy Spirit.

The Monastery and adjacent properties are symbolic backdrops which nurture and support a very profound state of Stillness in the mind. When you are invited to the adjacent properties the guidelines are simple: while joining on a project you are responsible for your own state of mind. Tuning into our shared purpose will help you access this deep inner experience.

David Hoffmeister and several of the Messengers of Peace will reside at the Monastery for parts of the year. The vibration feels like that of a devoted and reverent temple. Thus, the Monastery has become a place dedicated to Stillness and acceptance of the Atonement as described by A Course in Miracles. The devotion of the residents is an inspiration to everyone taking their steps in this direction.

Thank You Holy Spirit for honoring and Answering the prayer of our hearts.

(April 2013)

Welcome to The House of Miracles

Spiritual retreat center Mexico
Visiting The House of Miracles (La Casa de Milagros), whether it be for an inspirational retreat or an inward healing time, is an experience to nurture the heart and soul. Set against the charming backdrop of Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, The House of Miracles is the perfect place to relax the mind, and rejuvenate the spirit. You will be welcomed into this tranquil environment by ones who have devoted their lives to inner peace and awakening.

We offer a wide array of healing modalities; spiritual counseling - healing touch massage - simple yet comfortable accommodations - beautiful grounds for quiet contemplation and prayer - fresh nourishing meals - a beautiful pool area perfect for meditation in the soft Mexican sun! Harmony and love welcome you!

Chapala is voted the second-best climate in the world! Not too hot, not too cold ... just right!

Pedro Moreno 89, Chapala Centro, Jalisco, Mexico 45900
Phone: +52 376 765 2598
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.